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Kathryn Au, Ph.D., Retired Professor

Kauʻiʻs way of running for office is by serving the community. Thatʻs the kind of person she is - an attorney with a heart of gold. I know Kauʻi to be a person of courage and integrity who will stand up for the hard-working people of her district. Kauʻi listens to concerns at the grassroots level. She cares about the environment and about public education. Please vote for Kauʻi Pratt-Aquino - a strong leader who will do whatʻs right for the people.


Attorney and community leader

Emi Morita Aukai, Attorney

"As a fellow attorney, I have watched Kauʻi since law school become a wonderful advocate for those without powerful voices.  Her professionalism, poise, and ability to quickly understand and propose resolutions make her an awesome leader in our community.  She is an extremely intelligent, hard worker who is always willing to help those in need."

Former Lawmaker and environmental attorney

Jessica Wooley, Former State Rep. District 48

Vote Kaui! Kaui Pratt-Aquino has earned her stars. She is responsive, educated and effective. I have never seen a candidate do more to help the community during a campaign than Kaui - putting in long hours to reach the most vulnerable and providing critical information on Covid 19. She is a standout community leader, not just giving lip service to what people want to hear but really listening and taking action to make a difference for people. It's time to give Kaui a chance to speak up, stand up and fight for what's right, for all of us.

Current Lawmaker

Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Vice Chair of Maui County Council


No one sentence could possibly encompass all there is to say about Kau'i. She inspires hope, as a woman, as a kanaka, as a community advocate. I wish everyone community had a champion with her passion, intelligence, and tenacity. A vote for her, is a vote for a better future for my children, for all of our children. 


Bronson Azama, Youth Leader, 2020 Castle High school Graduate


I support Kau'i Pratt-Aquino in her run for office, because she has demonstrated that she is willing to be a voice for our community and even beyond. She has fought various issues that are relevant to our community such as; water rights, civil rights, and Pono management of our lands. She brings not only her Leo (voice), but common sense legislation, and overall good character. For these reasons I ask for our community's support to elect Kau'i Pratt-Aquino for District 48, State House.

Lori Siri, Pastor and Community Leader, over 50 year resident of Kaneohe


I was first introduced to Kaui three years ago when I was faced with a dispute over a proposed rezone of preservation land next to my home.  This issue and concern threatened the safety of my community, my neighbors and my family.  I was impressed by Kaui's personal commitment, her knowledge of the government system, and her professional legal expertise.  She brought our concerns to the attention of members of the City Council and gave us a voice!  Kaui was instrumental in organizing community meetings, talk sessions with members of the City Council, promoting rallies, and keeping ongoing communication with us.  After three years, we achieved victory in resolving this matter.  Hundreds of people supported us.  I'm asking for your support to vote Kaui Pratt-Aquino in the upcoming primary election for the State House of Representative.  Please give her the opportunity to be your advocate and your voice in our community.

Glenn and Ramona Silva, Owners of Uncle Glenn's Hawaiian Food and Community Leaders


We are blessed and most grateful to have connected with Ms. Kaui Pratt-Aquino during the pandemic.  At the height of COVID-19, Kaui in a joint effort with Uncle Glenn’s Hawaiian Food, launched the first Statewide Malama Meal Program providing vulnerable Kupuna with essential meals at a time when they were unable to go out in public.

Her perpetual humanity and grassroots nature endlessly facilitated many other essential programs for the residents of Kaneohe. She was the first out to distribute information on resources, funding for small businesses to unemployment and SNAP benefits.  She was one woman, who selflessly put aside her campaign ambitions and transformed to a community organizer, to meet the most basic and immediate needs of our community time and time again.   Her efforts along with the support of other partners have served  thousands from our community.  She helped countless windward small businesses acquire funding to help them cover basic expenses like rent and utilities.  Due to gaps in the program, Kau'i launched a small business support effort out of her family home to ensure those windward businesses were able to successfully apply for funding.


  Her leadership style and empathy sets the foundation for other community leaders to follow and is a change in leadership that we so desperately need to persevere and prevail as we rebuild our community.   


This race is about choosing a leader who is not afraid to reach into communities, and who works hard to bring the voices of our community to the table.  Join us this primary election in supporting Kau'i as she makes her way to the state house.  I know wholeheartedly you will not be disappointed in her leadership because she has demonstrated to our community time and time again that she will be there for us.

Rolina Faagai, Community Leader, 'ohana has been in Kaneohe for over 60 years


When I think of Kau'i and community advocacy the word kahiau comes to mind. By definition Kau'i demonstrates selfless acts of generosity for her community and the lāhui every...single...day. For too long elected officials have taken the liberty of making problematic decisions, forever altering the political, social and economic landscape of our Hawaii. A glimmer of the Hawaii from our distant childhood memories into this newer not better plastic version of Hawaii, 2.0. Like many things, its never too late to course correct and elect for the route charted by the navigators of our past. Tapping into ancestral teachings of Nānā i ke kumu, Kau'i's natural progression from grass roots advocacy has shaped her policy priorities, sensibly relevant for this 21st century. We all have kuleana.  Kau'i is a champion for change, and not afraid to challenge the status quo ever mindful of the goal: for the betterment of the people. Elected officials were always intended to be microphones, a tool used to amplify the voice of the body that elected them. If we don't have a seat at the table, we are most definitely on the menu.The time is now. Kau'i's of the people, by the people and for the people: Nō ka lāhui.

Michael Nishizawa, Resident of Pu'ohala Village for over 50 years


Meeting Kaui has been a blessing for myself and the entire Puohala Village.  She was instrumental in leading the Puohala community to stop development in the preservation lands that adjoins Puohala Village.  Her leadership with integrity, professionalism and understanding will make her a community leader that will get things done for Kaneohe.  Please support her in the primary election starting in July for the State House for our district.

Dr. Kamana'opono Crabbe, Community Leader

A few of Kau`i`s greatest attributes are her empathic, intelligible, and bright personality reflects a tremendous respect for the dignity and welfare of others.  She welcomes others to participate in a process of constructive change and is adept at facilitation grounded in justice, righteousness, and fairness.  She is enthusiastic about bringing new leadership and change to Hawai`i politics by being a bridge that unites both policy and decision makers with grass roots and community people confronted with rising taxes, intrusion of insensitive development in small-rural neighborhoods, and the ineffectiveness of governmental bureaucracies.

Kau`i brings a fresh perspective that advocates for bold change for greater equity for Hawai`i`s kama`aina faced with  rising housing costs, support for local small businesses, and courageous leadership for innovative aspirations for a greater Hawai`i beyond the post-coronavirus era to address the economic recovery challenges for the next few years.  Kau`i leads with aloha while being firm on positions for protecting our `āina and environment, addressing the inequities of the impoverished, and lending a voice for the minority of people who are not at the table when it comes to perpetuating our lifestyles and values for future generations.  

Her communications skills and ability to listen to the people and empathy for our struggles is self-reflective of her professional conduct and demeanor with constituents from the community and she possess’ an evenly tempered personality that exudes a gracious humility and determination as your representative. 

On a personal level, I have come to know Kau`i as a well-mannered, dedicated, and conscientious professional woman who continues to strive for healthy communities, a stronger Kaneohe, and a better Hawai`i.  I hold Kau`i in very high regard as one of Hawai`i`s influential female leaders of impact and influence.  She is independent, exhibits great humility, and retains a sincere desire to improve her rapport with colleagues and others.   Without reservation I highly endorse Kau`i Pratt-Aquino as your State House Representative for Kān`eohe, Kahaluu, and Waiahole. 

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